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The Original Piano Bar

Imagine owning an antique piano crafted in the 1800's... with 21st century technology. Allow me to introduce to you the exquisite "Original Piano Bar" ™. Initially crafted in the mid 1800's, we have brought this European masterpiece back to life using only the finest exotic woods, custom inlay, and discretely integrated 21st century technology.

This breathtaking piece is a fully functioning eighty-eight key digital piano (no strings are needed) which adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any setting. If a pianist is unavailable, simply play a song from the iPod (included) through the hidden state-of-the-art sound system.

The Original Piano Bar houses a wine cooler capable of chilling fifteen bottles of your favorite wines, and a total of fifty bottles can be beautifully and functionally stored within the unit. The piano is an elegant way to display fine wines and is a fabulous addition to any home decor, serving as an entertaining bar complete with matching stools. For public use, imagine this showpiece at wine tastings, wedding receptions and private parties. The weight of traditional pianos can be prohibitive, but weighing less than 250 pounds, this lightweight piano can be moved with ease.

Most of the photographs here are of our model piano; however, each piano is designed to your unique specifications and taste. Pianos range in length from five feet to nine feet and represent centuries of styles, from classical to modern.

I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our creation to you first hand as the unique features are better seen and experienced. Many of your questions can be answered throughout our web site.

Jeff Pace
Creator, The Original Piano Bar

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